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End of Session 2015 Update - Part 1

"State Budget, Taxes and Education"


Dear Friend,


The Maryland General Assembly adjourned on Monday, April 13th at midnight after considering a total of 2,234 pieces of legislation between the House and the Senate, of which, 692 bills passed both chambers and are waiting the Governor's signature before they are put into law.


It is my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Carroll County as a Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly.  I was thrilled to start this year with our new Governor, Larry Hogan, who had a clear mandate from the voters to change the direction of Maryland - no more "tax and spend". Voters throughout Maryland are demanding fiscal responsibility.


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About Susan

Susan Krebs is a full-time Delegate who fights every day for her Carroll County constituents.

She is a champion of fiscal responsibility and a strong Conservative voice against the liberal-progressive wave of freedom-killing legislation and the out-of-control taxation that has engulfed Maryland over the last 8 years.

A Proven Leader

In Annapolis, Susan is in the forefront of speaking out and voting against the erosion of 2nd Amendment rights, increased taxes including the "Rain Tax" and the "Gas Tax", driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, same-sex marriage, and the implementation of state health-care exchanges better known as “Obamacare.”

At the same time, Susan manages to be an effective legislator for education, small businesses, transportation and sensible health care. 

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